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I love my sweet Lexi, my family of 3, photography, zumba, coffee, cardigans, iphone apps, surprises, candy corn, fuzzy socks, and dates with my husband, and of course all the little things that make up life. Recently I am loving all things pregnancy and baby as we are expecting a little one in March 2012! Check out the pregnancy post link for all the deets!
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We are going to start the process of emptying out the spare bedroom next weekend for the baby and with a blank slate about to become my new project I have been trying to narrow down the focus of what I want the nursery to look like. I want to make a mood board of what I want from the nursery to keep me on track, but haven’t had much time yet to do so. [I did one for my wedding and it helped a great deal to stay focused!]

Since I am not finding out the gender of the baby I have been thinking about the style of gender neutral nurseries!  I keep coming back to the colors gray and yellow.  I have always loved the color yellow [and even had it as one of my wedding colors] and I just love yellow soft and vibrant and the best part is I feel it is very gender neutral color! I am also thinking of having the alphabet and animals [not a jungle vibe though] within the room without hopefully going overboard.  Example of combining it is artwork that says E is for Elephant with an elephant on the print. 

So you can my delight for this artwork!! It has the colors I am looking for with a cute animal print on it to boot! I could even take it one step further and DIY the words G is for Giraffe on the artwork too! Can you just see it hung up on the wall or displayed on a shelf in a baby’s room? Wow people I have gone over the baby nursery edge I think! HAHA!

I just love etsy and pinterest soo much and I think it is going to start to become my new online BFF as my nursery hunt is just beginning…

Here is the actual print: The PaperNut

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PS: Want to give a shout out to my BFF and new mommy as her anniversary is today! 2 years ago I wrote a little blog lovin’ post and I’m so happy 2 years later all of it still rings true! Happy Anniversary!!