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I love my sweet Lexi, my family of 3, photography, zumba, coffee, cardigans, iphone apps, surprises, candy corn, fuzzy socks, and dates with my husband, and of course all the little things that make up life. Recently I am loving all things pregnancy and baby as we are expecting a little one in March 2012! Check out the pregnancy post link for all the deets!
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So early on in our pregnancy we had this goal of having our to do list finished by FULL TERM (37 weeks).  I turned 37 weeks this Saturday and so I wanted to see if we had reached our goal and if not how close we were to reaching said goal.  Not only did we want to have our to-do list done by this time just in case our baby came early, but also want to be able to relax and put my feet up towards the end of pregnancy as well.  


Moment of truth…..WOMP WOMP.  We still have items on our to do list after our set goal BUT those items are really small items and in terms of to do items of being ready for the baby we have hit that goal and were completely SUCCESSFUL! If I were to have this baby at this very moment I would be at peace with what we accomplished during these last 37 weeks and content with where the to do list is at.  


We also found that as we completed one task another one got put on the to do list so this list was ever evolving.  Case in point once we got our carseat installed this weekend we had a couple to do list items to accomplish that we didn’t think of prior to our safety class/carseat installment appointment (putting an ID sticker on our carseat in case of emergency, get all projectiles out of car, get a cargo net for car to strap down large items like strollers, mail in our registration card for our carseat to get info on any recalls for our carseat).  I tell you the list for baby prepping is out of control and I would have never imagined it would be this much work to get ready for a baby! [something no books or movies show that is fo’ sho’]


So here are the items that we need to finish: 



  • Birth Plan
  • Playlists for Birth
  • Renew our XBOX wi-fi 
  • Pack baby bag [hubs is packed, mine is not]
  • Buy gift few more birthday gifts
  • Wash last batch of clothes/blankets we recieved this week
  • Submit our taxes [done just need to hit submit!]
  • Get ID/info all in one place
  • Ordered hub’s glasses [picking up tomorrow!]
  • A Will in order



Added to the list: 

-Buy a baby book [so indecisive on this or if I should do a photobook of first year or both]

-Get a fan

-Make maternity photo/letters photobook [prep book of first 37 weeks]

-Pick out favorite birth announcements



Overall not a bad list! Only 10(ish) things left on the list of what I felt like was a million one things to do! I feel pretty happy and content with where we are at and most important we are just ready to become parents and meet our little baby.  We are ready for the next chapter and I feel like that is most important on the to do list.  The cliche is right about needing 9 months to feel ready so that not only can the baby develop and grow, but also us as a couple grow and develop into a family.  We are ready baby so whenever you feel good and ready to join our family we welcome you with open arms!