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I love my sweet Lexi, my family of 3, photography, zumba, coffee, cardigans, iphone apps, surprises, candy corn, fuzzy socks, and dates with my husband, and of course all the little things that make up life. Recently I am loving all things pregnancy and baby as we are expecting a little one in March 2012! Check out the pregnancy post link for all the deets!
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My BFF is very wise and spoke glowingly of doing hooky days with your spouse a long time ago.  It sounded so brilliant and amazing to me, but alas my husband is a workaholic ahem very loyal to his job plus with not getting many days off from his job [boooo on corporate america’s days off policy] we have never have done this. ever.  Well I have done this since I have more days then I know what to do with, but when your spouse is stuck at work it seems like awesome-like.  The hubs only takes days off if he is deadly sick or we are going somewhere on vacation or long weekends.  A random hooky day, please maybe in another lifetime. 

Well don’t tell me how I pulled it off, but I nonchalantly texted the hubs beginning of May saying I needed to take a day off in May or I would lose the time and wondered if he wanted to take the day off with me. His response, “yes, I need a day off badly.” [excuse me while I pick my mouth off the floor] ARE YOU FO’ REALS??!!! Before he changed his mind I quickly got him to pick a date and this past Wednesday was the day and man oh man was it needed, delightful and just plain perfect timing. 

Seriously it was the best thing we have done in a really long time.  I mean we have had a bunch of 4 or 3 day weekends BUT something about this random Wednesday off just felt so bomb diggity.  I think we are both converts in the whole hooky day motto. 

Some of the great things about our hooky day:

-we made no plans with anyone and just did what we want when we wanted

-we conciously picked a day when we wouldn’t think about work [reports and closing items done] and also didn’t think about school work [hubs just at the beginning of his summer session classes]. We thought about absolutely nothing all day long. WOOZA!

-we took the day as it came [especially since it was suppose to be 60 degrees and rain] so when it was 80 and sunshine our plans quickly changed!

-we did a lot, but at the same time did nothing.  We did no errands or to-do lists.

-we took a nap in the middle of the day. on a wednesday.  it was blissful.

The night before felt like we were rebels on a school night.  We ordered take out and took a walk and then stayed up really really late. Because hey when can we stay up late on a Tuesday? On our actual hookoy day we relaxed in the morning and took in some of our favorite shows, then went to a vineyard [review on this later] and had lunch overlooking the vines, had some homemade icecream [slip of the day on the 30 day challenge], took a nap, read a little, ate dinner and went for a stroll along the river walk and then ended the day watching a movie [the tourist].  Gosh it was such a perfect day. [sickeningly perfect]

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